A modicum of civility. Vocabulary Problems in Vituperation.

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Thu Apr 4 06:27:55 MST 1996

Carrol -

I understand your objection, and I apologize if it sounded offensive. I
suppose my response is that AO and Co. exhibit psychiatric problems that
are masquerading as an ideology. Although I've embedded the "diagnosis" in
what I intend to be criticism, if not abuse/vituperation, I don't intend
that that the diagnostic label is in itself abusive. I really do think that
the AO line is quite psychotic - grandiose, detatched from reality, rigidly
formulaic, and destructive. There are some very interesting lines of
inquiry here to link the psychological to the social, but that's too
ambitious for right now.

If you'd like to bring the objection up to the list, I'd be happy to
respond along these lines.


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