A modicum of civility. Vocabulary Problems in Vituperation.

Carrol Cox cbcox at rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu
Thu Apr 4 07:54:59 MST 1996

    It was more of an observation than an objection. Incidentally,
"psychotic" is no longer the name of a particular disease or set of
diseases but of a symptom that sometimes can (off and on) accompany
almost any mental condition. (Hallucinations, voices, etc).
In any case, "offensive" is too strong a word, and no apology needed.

> Carrol -
> I understand your objection, and I apologize if it sounded offensive. I
> suppose my response is that AO and Co. exhibit psychiatric problems that
> are masquerading as an ideology. Although I've embedded the "diagnosis" in
> what I intend to be criticism, if not abuse/vituperation, I don't intend
> that that the diagnostic label is in itself abusive. I really do think that
> the AO line is quite psychotic - grandiose, detatched from reality, rigidly
> formulaic, and destructive. There are some very interesting lines of
> inquiry here to link the psychological to the social, but that's too
> ambitious for right now.
> If you'd like to bring the objection up to the list, I'd be happy to
> respond along these lines.
> Doug
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