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Thu Apr 4 09:34:43 MST 1996

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, hariette spierings wrote:
> What we are talking here is subordinating the immediate interests to the
> long term ones.  And that is what Marxism is all about.  Subordination does
> not mean to give those interests up.  It means to always take care of the
> long term interests of the proletariat as a WHOLE in defending or advancing
> those interests.  It only means to be able to separate and advance or defer
> them according to what serves the class's long term interests best,
> interests, that in the last analysis, are the real interests of humankind.

Louis: What mush-mouthed garbage. You'll notice that windbag Olaechea had
NO COMMENT on the part of Luigi's post that appears below. Hey, Olaechea,
you are not a bourgeois politician giving a press conference. Bourgeois
politicians have "no comment". This is a Marxism list and you'd better
comment on this or get lost:

    "In March 1965 the Communist petroleum workers took
control of Standard Vaccum refineries at Sungei gerong and
Pendopo. The PKI allowed the Sukharno gouvernement to give
back these plants to the imperialist owners. Foreign Minister
Subandrio (a "friend" of PKI) declared that "there would be no
further embarassment of Americans" ("New York Times, 19 March
1965). And two months later, at the celebration of the 45th
anniversary of the PKI, chairman Aidit said to the crowd:
"Sukarno's portrait hangs beside those of Marx, Engels, Lenin
and Stalin" (sic!)."

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