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Thu Apr 4 09:42:18 MST 1996

>> The point is that only by subordinating its immediate interests - economic
>> and "bourgeois political" (i.e.reformist) - can the proletariat take care of
>> its real (long term) interests.  Subordinating does not mean giving them up
>> or abandoning them in any way, just looking at the grander picture of the
>> interests of the class as a whole and acting SELFLESSLY to overthrow all
>> oppressive social conditions as they arise.
>I agree with you that selflessness is very nice.  My mother was so selfless,
>and we admired her so much, even though we were not always grateful enough
>for it, especially my sister.  But I wonder, if everyone was selfless,
>then nobody would have any fun.  Do you think that's true?  Why do selfless
>people do it.  Don't they do it so others can have fun?  Although I have
>to say that my sister and me didn't have very much fun.  My sister says
>it was my mother who was having fun being selfless.  What do you think?

Make an appointment with Dr. Snoopy (the Doug), he may have an answer to
your anxieties about your mother.  He only charges 5 cents an hour, like a
good cartoon character.  So be selfish and trat yourself!


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