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 >> >subordination of the interests proper of the proletariat and its class
>struggle to the LONG TERM interests of the oppressed masses and other
>non-proletarian classes of the people -including the LONG TERM INTERESTS OF

 Jon Flanders:

 Gary, I have tried to refrain from this squabble with the Maoists, because it
is impossible to argue with cultists, but the above quote really rang all the
bells. This is it in a nutshell, the working-class must subordinate its
struggle to some other more important class interest, and according to social
democrats and stalinists there is "always something."

 I would really rather argue about the advanced capitalist countries like the
US or Australia, where the question of relating to the Democrats or a Labor
party is before us. Here both the CP's and the SP's argue for "lesser evilism"
which expresses their "subordination" policy. Since Maoism is usually
expressed as ultraleft Stalinism, their program in the US finds expression
thru sectarian abstentionism around something like the LPA for example.
Perhaps we can get to that, after we wade through earlier history one more

 The ultimate subordination, of course, is actually carrying through a
revolution with a program that makes "despotic inroads" against the system of
private property.

  Since the maoists are so fond of quotes, maybe they can dig some up from
Marx, Engels or Lenin, authorities which we can all agree on, where the word
"subordination" is used.

 Best, Jon F

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