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Thu Apr 4 11:38:37 MST 1996

So Mr. Douggy-doug Doug AKA hariette Adolfe spierings Olaechea AKA Peru's
Great White Hope is merely a groupie? Formerly an aristocrat, now simply a
petty bourgeois flag-waver for a movement he has no real connection with
that concerns a people he hasn't lived among for 30 years (and whose
contact with them then was to have them bring him his tea and clean his
bathrooms)? I never would have guessed.


>"Shining Path's banner in Britain is held aloft by a member of one of
>Peru's richest and most traditional oligarchic families. Adolfo
>Olaechea, who is not a party member, maintains occasional contact
>with the RIM but does not act as a party delegate. The only British
>groups to have been directly involved with the RIM identified
>themselves as communist groups from Nottingham and Stockport and
>later, the Revolutionary Internationalist Contingent; however, in 1990
>neither appeared among the RIM's list of signatories.
>Olaechea, tall, lucid and lively, was a Marxist militant in student
>organizations at the National University of San Marcos in the early
>1960s before moving to Britain, where he runs an eleven-language
>translation service in central London. He started propaganda work in
>support of Shining Path at his own initiative in the early 1980s, and
>won its backing following a visit from Enrique in 1985. He and other
>sympathizers of Shining Path, amongst whom Iranians and
>Palestinians were particularly visible, disrupted Latin American
>conferences, rallied outside the Peruvian embassy, attended May Day
>parades and organized talks by militants in venues such as the Central
>London Polytechnic. The Peru Support Group, a well-respected body
>that concerns itself with Peruvian affairs generally, tended to have its
>activities hijacked by Olaechea and others. Miguel Azcueta, a
>prominent left-wing politician from Peru who faces death threats from
>the rebels, was heckled at one of its conferences."
>(From Simon Strong's "Shining Path". Strong was recommended early
>on by Godena as somebody who is more reliable than NACLA for
>information about Peru.)

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