I challenge Adolfo to a debate on fascism

Chris Faatz cfaatz at teleport.com
Thu Apr 4 11:10:21 MST 1996

Jay wrote:
> >
> >No, Comrade Tony has it correct.  Project did write a bunch of
> >happy horse-shit, he thought he was writing the last testament
> >of Lenin he laid it on so thick.  And what are you flapping
> >your lips about?  I havent seen where Adolfo has been unsaddled
> >and clubbed decisively.  Perhaps you don't see too well yet,
> >it hasn't been that long since you and your chums were highly
> >thrashed soundly, your faces are still black and blue, your eyes
> >are still swollen up and oozing with pus.  Or maybe your heads
> >are stuck up your asses, in any case, I will describe the real
> >world to you fools since you can't see.  Project is already lost.
> >He has picked up no proletarian ideology in very short time he
> >was gone.  You exhibit nothing but pompous elitist attitude.  Far
> >from being nervous, we are laughing hilariously at your clownish
> >antics!  Project, you, and Carlos, the three stooges!
> >

To which Ken responds (invective deleted, for the most part):

> Mr Adolpa Blanqui exorts his mindless followers to put politics in command,
> so instead of this kindergarten invective so why don't you enter the fray
> and explain why the working class should put "the national interest ahead
> of class interest" as your leadership faction guru so ably justifies....

To which I add:

Yeah. Scurrilous names and defamation are hardly Maoist practices, are
they, Jay? I mean, Gina and I have serious differences--obviously--but
she didn't feel the need to dis me, but, rather, attempted to dispute
the points I made. Same with Matt D.

The evidence you've given of Marxist knowledge is strangely non-existent,
outside the use of certain terms of opprobrium worthy of a ML-wanna-be
kindergartner. Can you debate the question raised above, or can't you?
What comes first, the nation or the class? Who leads the revolution,
the peasantry or the workers? What are the priorities involved in tactical
and strategic struggle?


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