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Comrade Chou En-lai once had a sharp exchange with Khruschev:

Khruschev said to him: "So, you are a descendant of the aristocracy and I am
a miner's son, however we are both communists and therefore we have much in

Yes, replied the Chinese leader, we indeed have quite a lot in common.  For
a starters we both are traitors to our own class!

While a person like myself stands with the revolutionary people - and Simon
Strong only tells one part of the story - the great "proletarians" here are
standing with reaction and imperialism.

I though only the reactionary classes in Peru were capable of accussing me
of madness because since the most tender age I rejected their vision of the
people of Peru as their private property.

When I was a teenager and heard in my social circles talk -among young
people just chewing the cud - about Peru's "Indian problem", and that "the
best indian is a dead Indian", "how unlucky our country is with some many
Indians, they should have killed them all as they did in the USA, and then
we could really have progress" - when I fought with my "buddies" over such
issues as their view of women - typical sample:  "If I find that my wife is
not a virgin, I'll return her to her family" - and this from the mouth of
someone who "had definitely to visit a brothel 5 times a week".  When all
the talk was about how good US imperialist exploitation was for "the
country", and how perverse were the "workers for striking and rioting", how
"communists were troublemaking agitators", I should then had kept my mouth
shut and think that one day Professor Proyect - a "Marxist" (mind you) would
also claim that I am mentally insane, partaking exactly of the same words of
the reactionary classes and feudalist elements in Peru when I stood up to
remonstrate with them for such opinions.

If that is madness, I think the world could do with some more of it!

Adolfo Olaechea

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