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Thu Apr 4 16:25:50 MST 1996

>On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, hariette spierings wrote:
>> "communists were troublemaking agitators", I should then had kept my mouth
>> shut and think that one day Professor Proyect - a "Marxist" (mind you) would
>> also claim that I am mentally insane, partaking exactly of the same words of
>> the reactionary classes and feudalist elements in Peru when I stood up to
>> remonstrate with them for such opinions.
>> If that is madness, I think the world could do with some more of it!
>Louis: The next time think you should think twice before you treat other
>people in a degrading manner like you treated me. I spoke up on your behalf a
>month ago to say, "Listen to what he has to say. Let's stop the flame war."
>The next thing I know I am being subjected to blistering nonstop attacks from
>you for ideas I have about the Russian revolution that are clearly within the
>framework of Marxism, as are yours. You worked yourself into a frenzy and
>decided I was a fascist, when you know perfectly well that I am not, even
>by the criteria you established in your own pamphlet. I am ready to be civil
>to you if you will be civil to me.

There is no reason not to be civil Mr. Proyect. I can be civil too when
addressed in a civil and serious tone, even to Fujimori himself.  Whenever
the Peruvian press asks my opinion I refer to Fujimori as Mr. Fujimori, but
I do not for that reason cover up my opinion of his regime and his ideology.

I think you are wrong if you believe that by the criteria established in
Fascism the Old and the New you are completely safe from becoming one of
these new type of fascists. You have considered yourself offended and
harassed by this assertion which I hold in good faith, when in fact we have
considered you as the initiator of this harassment because of the leading
role you took in orchestrating those who harassed us, switching them on and
off according to your own moods.  Yes you were flayed, but whether justly or
unjustly it is for you to demonstrate, not for me to admit responsibility
for something I consider was compelled by at least by the "indiscipline" of
your own "comrades".

Gentlemen fight with their ideas, but can also fight with their fists if
that is the only way open to them.  I am prepared to be civil to you, and I
expect the same treatment from you, but at the same I stick to every
accussation I made in the theoretical and political levels against you,
until you can show to me that, despite political and theoretical differences
which may be discussed in another tone than hitherto, it is not true that
you are an enemy of the revolution and that you are prepared to condemn
those who campaign with slanders against it, are seeking repression against
the Peruvian revolutionaries abroad, and in fact developing into a
reactionary prop for imperialist oppression which very well may lead them to
play the same role as the fascists of old played in the service of monopoly
capital of the German/Italian/Japanese variety.

Only to put an end to a feud which I did not want in the first place, on the
strenght of a rather haughty semi-apology on your part, I will not yet shake
hands with you however much I would want to, if only by that act you were to
take a firm stand on the side of the revolutionary people. The ball is in
your court, Mr. Proyect.


Adolfo Olaechea

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