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> >the past (God forbid that anyone should suggest *reading* the man!!).
> >
> >
> Just a brief note as I head out to meeting, why not read the man.

I was being sarcastic, Jay. I *do* think peolpe should read Stalin,
and I agree with your assessment of his historical and contemporary
importance as a theoretician (even though this may draw flak from my
friends and co-thinkers).

And, in particular on the national question I think he's great.


> An
> interesting phenomena I noticed when I used to work at the Rev. Bookstore
> here was that Stalin seemed to outsell Lenin and  Marx.  And what's
> more the people who bought him were all Trotskyists.  When I would ask,
> (cause I thought it was only for purpose to criticize him) I would get
> the answer that they thought Stalin was good on a number of issues, in
> particular the National Question.  We have a renewed interest in Comrade
> Stalin here due to the interaction of this list and are going to study
> his works more thoroughly than in the past.
> Stalin's works were also stolen more often than others too, by a very
> unprincipled group, but that's another story.
> Jay Miles / Detroit
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