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Thu Apr 4 12:27:55 MST 1996

re- the potato list

Darwin and Wallace  came to the theory of natural selection independently
of each other by way of their reading of Malthus. The population model that
Malthus used was that of an island, based on a bit of apocrypha about the
of Dogs off the coast of South America.

Migration is not an option, for Malthus. Border controls are taken for
Humans are to stay where they are born. No moving about - & to hell with

As for the Irish, -  for many who had the land slipped out from under
their feet in the 19th  century, or were otherwise shortchanged,
it was a choice of sailing to  america or living on potatoes.

This leads me to wonder about demographic measures of space.

Potatoes, we know, came to the old world from Peru.

This reoccurred to me when I read Lisa's
statement on marxismtoo:

    "this is a carrot list", so that people who
     want to talk about potatoes" may be able
     to see that it is just not relevant to a
     carrot" list."


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