Beginning a Balance Sheet.

Ken Howard kenhow at
Thu Apr 4 21:01:42 MST 1996

While the class struggle in cyberspace over the battle of ideas continues,
a balance sheet on the contribution of maoism - pcp thought to marxism can
start to be developed.
1. National interest and class interest..
When German Social Democracy in 1914 voted for war credits it did so
because it was putting the "national interest over class interest". When
labour bureacracy sells out workers struggles it does so because it is
putting "national interest over class interest". In the age of globalised
capitalist economy where 700 multinational corporations dominate the world
economy,and roughly 300 firms now make up roughly a quarter of the
productive assets in the world, and 3.4 billion of the worlds 5.6 billion
population are marginalised, can the world any longer be divided neatly
into oppressor and oppressed nations ?
Do the national bourgeoise under Suharto, Fujimora etc have any seperate
interests to those of international capital? In Thailand, and other
'underdeveloped oppressed nations'  the military do not just play the rolr
of armed force of the state but are indistinguashable from the capitalist
class, ie the military ownership of Thai Airways. In Australia land and
wealth is being sucked dry by multinational capitalism, does this make us
an oppressed nation. No the theory of national interest above class
interest was discredited in 1914. Now is not the time to resurect the
second international. A Question, if the Ecquadorian ruling class attack
the borders of Peru, in the interests of "national interest does the PCP go
to the aid of Fujimori ?
The theory of national interest is bankrupt and has nothing to do with
Marxism and is a totally false and misleading rationale for two stage

2. Socialism in one country.

Again is their any objective basis for building socialism in one country.
History and the rivers of blood of the oppresed and exploited that have
been spilled in pursuit of it say no. The PCP retaining the thoery from its
place in the garbage can say yes.

3. Armed Struggle.

Lenin, only ever spoke of armed struggle as a tactic, not a principle. The
elevation of armed struggle to the only principle as has been done by the
PCP has more in common with Blanquism then marxism.

4. Socialist Democracy
Democratic centralism in action. The party represents the highest
aspirations of the masses therefore is the only true representation of
them, the party leadership represents the centralisation of knowledge,
experience and correct thought and therefore knows better then the party
membership. Any questioning of or difference with the party leadership
represents difference with or questioning of the masses. Any difference
with the masses must therefore come from an alien class. Therefore any
difference with the party leadership must be either ruling class or its
agent therefore an enemy of the people to be eliminated. There is no inner
party democracy needed within the party because it is a diversion from the
real struggle as determined by the leadership, and as everyone knows, like
father, they know best. A complete traversty of marxism and socialism, and
in the minds and consciousness unless 'socialism' is synonomous with
freedom it is as bad as capitalism.

5. Secterianism
The false elevation of democratic centralism to the level of an
organisational fetish that has charecterised the existence of sects of all
persuations has nothing to do with revolution.

There are many exiting and positive developments occuring around the world
where the scourge of secterianism is being confronted and multi tendency
pluralist revolutionary formations emerging.The elevation of ironclast
dogma and elimination of any different thinkers as has been practised by
the PCP has nothing to contribute to the development of revolutionary
marxism either in theory or practise. There is nothing to discuss.

Anyhow, enough said, I,m off to root that scoundrel Arkavian out of the
working class, I think he was last seen down the local pub.

Ken Howard.

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