Simon Strong on Olaechea

Louis R. Godena godenas at
Thu Apr 4 21:58:24 MST 1996

On Thursday, April 4th, Rahul wrote (among other things):

>(...Simon Strong's "Shining Path"... was recommended early
>>on by Godena as somebody who is more reliable than NACLA for
>>information about Peru.)
Strong's "Shining Path: Terror and Revolution in Peru" was indeed cited by
me as a useful antidote to some of the disinformation concerning
"narco-trafficking" and indiscriminate "terrorism" by the PCP.  Of course I
did not endorse every paragraph of Strong's estimable book: he is after all
writing for a primarily western audience and is, at the end of the day, a
staunch anti-communist.

I also recommended Gordon McCormick ("From the Sierra to the Cities")and RH
Simister ("Sendero Luminoso & Revolution in Peru") in order to refute some
of the popular myths of "killing leftists" retailed by Leo Casey and the
omnipotent Black Rat.

You will notice that I also listed a half-dozen documents by the PCP which
are indeed more "reliable" than NACLA and its imitators.  Have you quoted
them recently?

                              Louis Godena

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