Doug Henwood on strategic offensive of world revolution

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Thu Apr 4 22:46:56 MST 1996

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996 Rubyg580 at wrote:
> There's also been full-scale People's War in Peru since 1980.  There's also
> armed struggle in the Phillippines and in Turkey, and now in Nepal too.
> US imperialism is not exactly having a field day.

To this I'd add that, in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet
Union, there have arisen real, multi-tendency, democratic revolutionary
currents in some imperialist countries with some potential clout, most
of which have left wings. That, too, is a plus (although Gina and I will
probably disagree on this as well).
> Yes, imperialism still has its claws in the oppressed peoples of the world,
> but its grip is being met with challenge after challenge.  On a world scale
> as well as at home there's no way you can compare the health or overall
> strength of the US, economically or politically, with what existed say in the
> 1950s.

But, on this para we don't differ at all.


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