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>My view of the PCP is that it's what has been termed "bureaucratic
>centralism" that rules. I.e., the Party's highest bodies make the
>decisions, and the cadre base carries them out. Sure, info flows from the
>base to the top, but *decision-making* is made without the input of the
>base. That's not Leninism, imho. If I'm incorrect, I invite your reply.

This definitely sounds like the way RCP functions, but what evidence
do you have that tells you this is the way PCP functions?  I know
about RCP because I was there, for quite a few years.  Obviously I
don't have the same level of experience with PCP, but I can say from
working with people who follow the line of the PCP, that the difference
between them and the "comrades" of RCP isthe difference between
night and day.

Particularly the attitude toward criticism and self-criticism, the attitude
toward the masses, the attitude toward political discussion and
debate and the encouragement of contacts between people--in all these
areas there is a world of difference between what I observed at close
range and over a number of years in RCP and what I have observed and
experienced working with, for example, the NEW FLAG.

The same political line cannot produce these two completely opposite
effects in terms of the line and functioning.

Gina/ Detroit

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