Gays and the counter revolution in Adolfo thought

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	This was a really interesting post.  Could you at some point
expand on gay rights in the Soviet Union from 1917-1934?
	Also, I salute you for putting another nail in the coffin of
Adolfo/maoist "thought".

				-- Jeff Booth

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, g.maclennan wrote:

> >HA HA HA! That is so funny you pig!  Make us cry!  It was all you
> >lame-asses  that went running off like Chiang Kai-shek fleeing
> >from the mainland.  You have found a  refuge on your Chat List
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> >Jay Miles
> Comrades,
>   When I read this sort of stuff I am reminded about Sartre's description of
> hell as being other people.
> So far in this great flame war the score stands at something like
>                      Proyect 3  Olaechea 0
> Chairman Adolfo is trying desperately to avoid answering in a concrete
> fashion questions about the role of Stalin.  Godena, much the most
> intelligent of this crew is rushing to the rescue, but his love of Uncle Joe
> is such that he is unable to deal in a rational fashion with the evidence of
> history.  Meanwhile Jay, Gina, Matt D.  keep up the endless cackle of the
> jackal.  Mindless abuse from the fumbling wits and more and more obscure spite.
> Olaechea as befits a scion of the aristocracy has either to be to the left
> or the right of the working class.  For the moment his devotion to Gonzalo
> thought makes him seem to be on the left.  But his is the socialism of the
> aristocracy and the working class can see all too clearly thourgh his call
> for sacrifice in the name of the nation.  a reading of the Manifesto would
> help here and I will post.
> Now I wish over the next few weeks to begin to characterise Maoism as a
> strand of political thought.  Ken has already begun this process in an
> excellent post.  Nothing he says will be replied to.  Olaechea specialises
> in bombast not analysis.
> I wish to fight though on the terrain of emancipation in the arena of
> sexuality.  Particularly I wish once more to return to a question which
> Chairman Adolfo has ducked. He has refused to answer, Phillip, Ken or Robert
> in this field.  Why will he not outline and defend his party's postion on
> gay liberation?
> Amid the crowing over his "great victory" on this list,  Olaechea prolaimed
> the blooming of a thousand flowers.  As long as they're not "pansies", it
> seems.  The masses wouldn't like that. In his refusal to debate the question
> of the emancipation of gays, Olaechea betrays that there  is little
> difference in his stance from that of Clinton's "Don't Ask: Don't Tell"
> policy on gays in the military.
> I dare to say that this is also a subject  on which Fujimori and Olaechea
> have identical views.   They probably both wish the whole topic would go
> away.  But it won't.  Gays will get their  freedom and it will come from
> their  own activity.  It will not be a gift from anyone, not even the
> "masses".  But Adolfo as befits an aristocrat is a bit slow to understand
> the notion of self emancipation.
> Let us make some specific charges now.  Olaechea's and Godena's great God,
> Stalin, criminalised homosexuality in Russia in 1934.  This is an historical
> fact.  It also has to be understood as I argued in my post on Dimitrov, that
> a counter revolution was under way in Russia.  Gays were attacked and women
> were also dragged back into the role of the mother and wife.  Thus in 1936
> abortion was also criminalised.  This all  links up to the Popular Front
> strategy and the desperate desire of Stalin to suck  up to elements of the
> bourgeoisie.  It also  marked  the end of Bolshevik support for the German
> Gay Rights movement led by Magnus Hirschfeld.  Homosexuals were labelled as
> "fascists" and rounded up.(See the archives for all the references: Dimitrov
> and fighting Fascism)
> We should also note in passing that the use of the epithet "fascist" to
> caricature one's opponent has a long and ignoble pedigree in Stalinism.
> So to conclude. Stalin's criminalisation of homosexulaity was a counter
> revolutionary act.
> Olaechea & others who refuse to condemn this act are also anti-gay and thus
> counter revolutionary.
> In anticipation of the chairman's silence I score this
>             Gary 1 Olechea 0.
> war
> Gary
> g.maclennan
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