democracy & imperialism

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Fri Apr 5 07:35:57 MST 1996

The deposing of Marcos, Duvalier, de Klerk, and the various Latin American
thugs, and their replacement by pseudo-democratic regimes is hardly a
setback for imperial rule, at least for now. It confers an aura of
legitimacy on the rule of capital - one that was seriously undermined by
these wretched dictatorships. Of all people, Marxists should understand
this best; we should recognize the coercion behind the money relation and
the "free" market.

Richard Feinberg, formerly of the Overseas Development Council and now with
the Clinton administration, said a few years ago that democracy only works
when there's fundamental agreement on the nature of property. With the
collapse of the USSR, and socialism in general, that fundamental agreement,
>from Wasington's point of view, is in place. Therefore, pseudo-democracy is
a safe option.

Of course, these democratic openings may, over the longer term, unleash
forces beyond capital's control. We can only hope....



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