Adolfo reveals his true allegiance

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Fri Apr 5 09:21:42 MST 1996

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Rahul Mahajan wrote:

> Well, it looks like Adolfo's true views have reared their ugly head. So a
> criticism of the Popular Front would be "workerist rubbish." Well, what was
> a major element of the left criticism? The fact that the Stalinists and
> bourgeois consistently opposed land reform and collectivization, allowing
> only expropriation of the land of explicit fascists. So we see that Adolfo
> can't justify the Popular Front policies on the basis of the interests of
> the peasantry, a group that would have come over massively to the Republic
> had they been allowed the land. What were the other interests besides those
> of the workers and peasants? The big capitalists, the feudal landed
> elements, and the foreign imperialists. Now we see whose long-term
> interests Adolfo wanted the proletariat to subordinate its interests to.
I agree with Rahul, but let's just be a bit more explicit: Adolfo argues
that the popular front was the only means to support the bourgeois
democratic revolution. As a means in concretizing this popular front, he
applauds the extremely *un*democratic use of violence against what were
supporters of the Spanish revolution during the civil war--the POUM, the
anarchists, etc.--thereby weakening immeasurably the forces of the
revolution itself.

It can also be very clearly argued that, like in Russia in 1917, the
bourgeois democrats, in the face of the resistance of Franco et al, were
*incapable* of fulfilling their own bourgeois democratic dreams. The only
force capable of doing this was the working class leading the peasantry.
And the only way that they had any *real* stake in doing so was through,
in extending and defending the democratic revolution, extending and
defending the socialist one as well.

It was this that the USSR, quite ironically and mistakenly, crushed.

It's true that the USSR was the only force on a world scale that supported
the Spanish government. It's also true that they failed to apply the
positive lessons of October, and trust the class that they supposedly
represented rather than the representatives of bourgeois democracy.


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