A plea for peaceful coexistence

Chris Faatz cfaatz at teleport.com
Fri Apr 5 09:27:43 MST 1996

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Louis N Proyect wrote:
> 1) There can be no "winners" or "losers" on this list. Unrelenting
> factional war is not necessary. This list must be a place where all ideas
> can be exchaned without rancor. If Adolfo needs somebody to blame, I take
> full blame for any harmful divisions that have emerged, but I don't think
> it's useful at this point to engage in finger-pointing.
> 2) Maoism is an important current that must be respected and listened to,
> even if its ideas are held by only a single person. Maoism addresses a
> very real problem in Marxism: the failure of the working-class in the
> advanced countries to act in a consistently revolutionary fashion as
> projected by Marx and Engels.
> 3) This list must be a place where people are assumed to be innocent until
> they are proven guilty, whether they are Maoist, Trotskyist or whatever.
> Maoists should be able to exchange ideas with Maoists in a productive
> manner and Trotskyists should be able to do the same. Both camps should
> also be able to engage with each other without rancorous accusations.

I second all these points. As regards point number two, I'd point out that
Maoism has made significant contributions as regards liberation movements
in the oppressed nations, and that its contributions aren't solely related
to the working class in the advanced countries, as Louis seems to suggest
(although I don't think that's what he believes).
> At this point, I consider myself out of the loop on all of the divisive
> questions that have created a charged atmosphere in the list. I am done
> discussing Peru. I am done discussing Trotsky versus Stalin. I am done
> discussing Mao.

I'm not :-) Much of these discussions, should they be pursued under the
types of conditions listed above, help inordinately in making clear the
path of revolutionaries--and those of us, like myself, who are interested
in revolutionary regroupment--for the time to come.

Thanks to Louis for a great post.


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