I support the PCP

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Fri Apr 5 10:00:07 MST 1996

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Rahul Mahajan wrote:
> Lou, I'm not responding on list because I don't know what exactly is going
> on. This is a joke, right? A more powerful revolutionary movement than Cuba
> and Nicaragua? If you think you have a chance to turn around M1's descent
> into hell by what will clearly be seen by the Pathology at least as
> humbling yourself, I don't want to screw it up, but I'm still shaking my
> head and rubbing my eyes here.

Louis: Cuba is in the Caribbeans and Nicaragua is in Central America.
Furthermore, I have been reviewing material lately that has
persuaded me that the PCP is *different* from the Khmer Rouge, an
assertion that was made earlier on in the discussion. I know that you
intended this as a private note, but I think it is just as well that I
post it publicly.

This does not mean that I am a "fan" of the PCP. The only thing I am a
fan of is the New York Knickerbocker basketball team.

Finally, I humble myself before nobody. If anybody thinks that is the case,
then they don't know me at all. My deepest desire at this point is to
move on to other matters and I will resent any efforts of anybody to
thwart my desire.

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