Lisa: the Czar,s censor?

Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri Apr 5 10:18:58 MST 1996

>> >	In other words, the present rate of censorship is insufficient.
>>  Here, Here, I agree with the above..It appears then some people see through
>> the smokescreen...
>> malecki
>* Have your posts been censored?
>* Have anyone's posts been censored?
>This talk is censorship is stupid and displays an astonishing ignorance
>of what it means to censor someone else's writings.
>No reply to this post is expected or desired.
>Warm regards,

Well, from the beginning of the this discussion, or at least as long as i
have been around, the creation of the M2 list was a bureaucratic move by
certain people on the list in order to avoid some of the discussions on M1.

Also from the beginning i have clearly stated my position. For a open and
democratic discussion on all issues.

No i have not been excluded from any list including M2. However, I have not
seen certain people on the new list. Is it that they freely have elected not
to participate or
is it some people are denied access?

Lisa,s latest intervention in this discussion raises the question of what
are the goals of those responsible for the new list. I agree with Hugh and
his response.

Hopefully this is not an attempt to purge people or to create a special list
for certain elected individuals. My advice is not to lock yourselfs in a
closest. In fact exactly the opposite to take part in all the discussions to
the best of ones abilities in order that these serious issues facing the
workers movement can find a way forward.

Warm Regards

PS. Leo,s letter is also another attempt to justify putting M2 on a pedistal
of some sort. Also i note the degree of irritation against Hugh, who has
made a clear principled statement on this issue. If anybody is twisting and
turning on this question it is the people responsible for coup arted
creation of M2.

Warm Regards

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