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>>Louis: This is a postscript to my call for peaceful coexistence on this
>>list: I consider the struggle of the PCP against both the Garcia and
>>Fujimori dictatorships to be the most powerful revolutionary movement in Latin
>>America in the last 50 years. I reject all charges that they are
>>"terrorist". Although I do not have sufficient information to be an
>>uncritical supporter of the PCP, or, for that matter, any revolutionary
>>movement in another country, I remain open to any factual data that will
>>help me understand this revolution better.
>Lou, I'm not responding on list because I don't know what exactly is going
>on. This is a joke, right? A more powerful revolutionary movement than Cuba
>and Nicaragua? If you think you have a chance to turn around M1's descent
>into hell by what will clearly be seen by the Pathology at least as
>humbling yourself, I don't want to screw it up, but I'm still shaking my
>head and rubbing my eyes here.
"The salvation of the new age can only grow from the STRUGGLE of parties,
not from apparently clever compromises or a sham association of
contradictory views"

KARL MARX N.Rh.Z., 2 June 1848

It is interesting to see that the contradiction of views which manifested
itself in "STRUGGLE" (more like open warfare) with Mr. Proyect during the
last few days has been in fact the result of deliberate fanning on the part
of those who more sanctimoniously present their "moral" views. It is
fortunate that this mailer, intended to castigate Mr. Proyect for expressing
his convictions in a way that the enemies of revolution consider a "mortal
sin", has made - possibly inavertedly - into the public domain.  It should
help prevent further unnecessary aggravation to the list, and thus turn out
to be a stone that's dropped on the very feet of those intending to carry on
hurling rocks left right and center to prevent the presence of defender of
the PCP in this list.

The public and gentlemanly exchange of letters between Mr. Proyect and
myself does not mean that any one of us has capitulated their points of view
- even acknowledging Mr. Proyect's stated support for the revolution in Peru
as genuine for a man of his convictions, there is no reason to suppose that
our struggle of ideas has been resolved and submerged into a treacly compromise.

The only thing we have done, very sensibly, was to suspend incivility.  This
may not please some quarters that now may want to accuse Mr. Proyect of
turning "Senderista" himself.  But, my reading of mr. Proyect's support for
the PCP is just what is to be expected from any person with an iota of
understanding of proletarian internationalism.

I am also very aware of the reservations he expresses about the line of PCP.
No one wants him, or any one else, to adopt the line of PCP if they do not
believe in it - that is why we are for strict differentiation between shades
of opinion.
But from his words, there is already a clear stand and a position on the
side of the revolutionary people, and that we cannot but salute, specially
when Mr. Proyect, so clearly states his belief that the accussations of
terrorism against the PCP are false. Moreover, to an express willingness to
learn some more about this phenomena, which speaks well and loudly of a
scientific attitude on his part.

There are positive aspects, as well as negative aspects to any struggle, and
our has been fierce.  The negative ones are that feelings are hurt, people
get upset, feathers unruffled, etc.  Accussations are made and these are
generalised to include every aspect of the personality of the rival and
paint it in the same colour, forgetting of course the contradiction on the
mind of everyone of us.

In reaffirming our thesis on NEW FASCISM, we also acknowledge that Mr.
Proyect has demonstrated to contain in himself not such a big aspect of that
political trend as we have tended to stick upon him in the course of the
struggle.  That more than his own personal stand, it was the prodding of
other, obscure and much darker forces, pushing him to oppose us, and the
confussion generated by these same forces, what made us think that Mr.
Proyect was the hand behind the anti-PCP campaign, when this now appears not
to have been the case.

We consider the existance of two trends in what we regard as the Left.
There is a rightwing social democrat trend and a left wing revolutionist
trend. New Fascism can only succeed if those two trends unite against the
revolution, and the proletarian faction in particular, as is the intention
of the Rights.

The unity of the proletarian left is indispensible for the defeat of New
Fascism.  That entails unity in defence of the revolution - the living
revolution, that is - against those who would lead the left to oppose it.

By taking a stand against the meretricious accussations of "terrorism"
hurled by the Right-wing social democrats against the PCP, Mr. Proyect,
besides demonstrating courage, fighting spirit and determination to shake
off a label he considered - as it turned out to be - unjust, has proven that
there is nothing innevitable in the advance of New Fascism, and that it is
possible to unite with the left.  But also, that such unity must perforce
proceed against the interests of the rightwing sections who march to the
tune of the most reactionary circles of imperialism.

Adolfo Olaechea

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