ALERT! Lisa the hachet woman!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri Apr 5 10:53:33 MST 1996

Now the real point of the ivory tower comes through. The Clintonites of the
marxist list come out in the open. So much for these "democrats". This is
what the debate was really about..Check out the below. It will be
interesting to here the comments.

Warm Regards

>The insistence upon rehashing old crap is a form of harrassment, IMO.
>"Cross-fertilization" is _not_ essential.  What Hugh _seems_ to care
>about is what he's posting about, which is REHASH of old crap.  This
>list was not created for that.  It was also not created for pains in
>the ass, or discussion of the definition thereof.  Don't we know it
>when we see one?  Speaking of which, is Hugh a "material social
>force" ?  Does it matter?
>If I could have a couple of seconds on this motion, or something like
>that, should we zap people who engage in such *anti-discussion* and
>get it over with, or what?
>Do we have to have lengthy hearings, or shall I serve the "will of
>the list" without any fanfare?  Which way will I get shot at more?
>Any volunteers for this "job"?
>[No, I'm not really bailing out.]
>The list really doesn't want any more stuff like this post either,
>I'm betting.  So give me the go-ahead or . . . we're stuck with this
>shit in the name of "democracy" ???
>>>> Hugh Rodwell <m-14970 at>  4/5/96, 09:35am >>>
>Leo, define this 'evil culture' and the way it prevented free and
>open discussion on m1.
>Cross-fertilization is essential, putting closed circle rules in the
>way of this cross-fertilization is counter-productive.
>So what material social forces are driving our discussions on Marxism
>into such mutually repellent camps?
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