Read This, Veronica!

KarlLieb at KarlLieb at
Fri Apr 5 11:26:57 MST 1996

>Veronica, this is my one and only warning:
>keep your steamy cyber hands off my man Adolpho.
>I know that Adolpho is going to be upset that I am going public with our
>relationship, but I am not having any Paula Jones sound alike going after my
>man. Adolpho is just going to have get used to the facts that his comrades
>will now know about our private love. At least now that he is outed he can
>admit that the PCP is -- well -- a little backward about our love that dare
>not post its name.
>I worked long and hard to get my Adolpho. His dick may not be very big, and
>it may not work most of the time, but he's mine, and he is really a bottom at
>heart anyway. If you need somebody that bad, why not go after that he-man,
>Louis "I am not a pansy" Godena.

Rosa, is this some kind of joke? You're two-timing me and posing as a
homosexual man?? What did I ever do to you?


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