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Fri Apr 5 12:47:04 MST 1996

>>It is interesting to see that the contradiction of views which manifested
>>itself in "STRUGGLE" (more like open warfare) with Mr. Proyect during the
>>last few days has been in fact the result of deliberate fanning on the part
>>of those who more sanctimoniously present their "moral" views.
>You caught me, Adolfo. In fact, "Louis Proyect" is merely an extremely
>sophisticated computer program assembled by my crack team of experts, led
>by "Gary Maclennan," who is actually an old war buddy I rescued while he
>was pinned down under heavy fire on the Batangan Peninsula, and who will
>now do just about anything for me. When we had to take "Ralph Dumain"
>off-line a while ago to debug some of the language circuits, "Louis
>Proyect" managed to fill in very nicely indeed. Lisa Rogers, Jerry Levy,
>and Leo Casey were forced to cooperate because I was holding their bunnies
>hostage. I'm also the one who sent Jimmy Hoffa on a secret mission to kill
>Salvador Allende. I said, "Afterwards, take some time and enjoy yourself in
>Rio," but I had no idea he'd be there this long.
>I'm perfectly willing to bury the hatchet too, Adolfo, although not where
>you've been dreaming about planting it.
>PS I've been promoted to Archangel now. Personally, I think I should have
>been Pope, but I guess I'll have to settle.

Well, your Eminence, I congratulate you on your promotion to ethereal being.
I hope that such detachment from vulgar earthly affair will mean that in the
future your participation shall be that much more sublime and all round
celestial.  I have no reason to bury any particular hatchet with you since
we have not really crossed swords, but merely directed at each other the
occassional side swipes now and then, and mostly in good humour.

Therfore, I remain in relative peace with your Exalted new condition as
direct line to GOD (the Central Universal Computer) on behalf of all of us
unrepentant sinners in this list.


Adolfo Olaechea

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