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>Dear comrade Adolpho,
>I write about Indonesia, and you post an article on Peru.
>I quote Lenin against Mao, and you talk about Peru.
>I explain how Stalin betrayed German Communists, delivering
>them to Hitler, and you post about Peru.
>You charged comrade Project to be "morally accomplice" of
>Pinochet, and I explained how Mao was really accomplice of
>Pinochet. Your answer is about Comittee Sol and Peru.
>I made several examples how Mao's Menshevism betrayed peasants
>and workers of the Third World... and you say how
>Internationalist is the Pcp.
>I'm sorry, I cannot discuss about Peru for a couple of
>1) I don't know enough to discuss deeply Pcp's politics.
>2) EVERY people that fight against a bloody dictatorship (as
>Fujimori's) gets my sympathy, also if their positions are
>3) My simpathy goes as well to the Tupac Amaru Mouvement,
>notwitstanding their positions.
>But, if you assume that Stalin and Mao were revolutionists. I
>have a lot to say about, not less on how Stalin betrayed the
>Italian and Greek revolutions after the World War II.
>So, if you have something to say about wath I asked, please,
>1) What do you think about Two Hundred of German Communists
>that Stalin delivered to Nazi Germany,
>2) What do you think about the Chinese embassy that closed
>doors to leftists refugee?
>3) What do you thnik about PKI support of Sukharno "which
>picture hangs with the pictures of Marx, Lenin and Stalin" (as
>Aidit said)?
>Comradely, Luigi
> --- MMMR v4.50reg

That you don't even know what you are talking about and are only repeating
baseless charges circulated by the bourgeois reactionaries.  Why are you
obssessed with thing of the past - where there is always two or more
versions to debate until kingdom come, and then complain about me telling
about the living revolution, a revolution you can do something about since
is taking place in your days?  I don't understand your reasoning. You can
see that the bourgeosie nods in agreement with you everytime you slander
Stalin, and the you dare to call comrades revolutionaries who owe so much to
Stalin in ideas and example?

If you think Stalin was so bad, why don't you prove it leading a revolution
with your ideas and putting them into practice without need to get anyone's


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