Spoon is not mysterious

malgosia askanas ma at panix.com
Fri Apr 5 16:24:38 MST 1996

There is nothing mysterious about the spoon collective.  We are a bunch
(10) of people from various places, collectively running a bunch of lists.
We split the admin work and try to think thorugh baffling issues together.
We are all pretty opinionated and we usually have a lot of respect for each
others' ideas.  We are pretty unified on some issues, and split on others.
The fact that we are split on what the best solution is to the problems
that arose on marxism is no more mysterious than the fact that the list
itself is split on this issue.  It's just a tough fucking problem, and
we are not an authority on human relations or on optimal conditions for
marxian discussions or on anything at all.  If anybody on this list feels
that he/she _is_ an authority on these things, he/she should set up a course
and if the syllabus looks good, we'll take it.  Meanwhile, it would be great
if people stopped demonizing us, treating us as either evil or benign authority
figures, and testing our skills in formal logic by harassing people on M2
and on M1.  If you want to say something constructive to us, just do it.


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