Gays and the counter revolution in Adolfo thought

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>>HA HA HA! That is so funny you pig!  Make us cry!  It was all you
>>lame-asses  that went running off like Chiang Kai-shek fleeing
>>from the mainland.  You have found a  refuge on your Chat List
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>>Jay Miles
>  When I read this sort of stuff I am reminded about Sartre's description of
>hell as being other people.
>So far in this great flame war the score stands at something like
>                     Proyect 3  Olaechea 0
>Chairman Adolfo is trying desperately to avoid answering in a concrete
>fashion questions about the role of Stalin.  Godena, much the most
>intelligent of this crew is rushing to the rescue, but his love of Uncle Joe
>is such that he is unable to deal in a rational fashion with the evidence of
>history.  Meanwhile Jay, Gina, Matt D.  keep up the endless cackle of the
>jackal.  Mindless abuse from the fumbling wits and more and more obscure spite.
>Olaechea as befits a scion of the aristocracy has either to be to the left
>or the right of the working class.  For the moment his devotion to Gonzalo
>thought makes him seem to be on the left.  But his is the socialism of the
>aristocracy and the working class can see all too clearly thourgh his call
>for sacrifice in the name of the nation.  a reading of the Manifesto would
>help here and I will post.
>Now I wish over the next few weeks to begin to characterise Maoism as a
>strand of political thought.  Ken has already begun this process in an
>excellent post.  Nothing he says will be replied to.  Olaechea specialises
>in bombast not analysis.
>I wish to fight though on the terrain of emancipation in the arena of
>sexuality.  Particularly I wish once more to return to a question which
>Chairman Adolfo has ducked. He has refused to answer, Phillip, Ken or Robert
>in this field.  Why will he not outline and defend his party's postion on
>gay liberation?
>Amid the crowing over his "great victory" on this list,  Olaechea prolaimed
>the blooming of a thousand flowers.  As long as they're not "pansies", it
>seems.  The masses wouldn't like that. In his refusal to debate the question
>of the emancipation of gays, Olaechea betrays that there  is little
>difference in his stance from that of Clinton's "Don't Ask: Don't Tell"
>policy on gays in the military.
>I dare to say that this is also a subject  on which Fujimori and Olaechea
>have identical views.   They probably both wish the whole topic would go
>away.  But it won't.  Gays will get their  freedom and it will come from
>their  own activity.  It will not be a gift from anyone, not even the
>"masses".  But Adolfo as befits an aristocrat is a bit slow to understand
>the notion of self emancipation.
>Let us make some specific charges now.  Olaechea's and Godena's great God,
>Stalin, criminalised homosexuality in Russia in 1934.  This is an historical
>fact.  It also has to be understood as I argued in my post on Dimitrov, that
>a counter revolution was under way in Russia.  Gays were attacked and women
>were also dragged back into the role of the mother and wife.  Thus in 1936
>abortion was also criminalised.  This all  links up to the Popular Front
>strategy and the desperate desire of Stalin to suck  up to elements of the
>bourgeoisie.  It also  marked  the end of Bolshevik support for the German
>Gay Rights movement led by Magnus Hirschfeld.  Homosexuals were labelled as
>"fascists" and rounded up.(See the archives for all the references: Dimitrov
>and fighting Fascism)
>We should also note in passing that the use of the epithet "fascist" to
>caricature one's opponent has a long and ignoble pedigree in Stalinism.
>So to conclude. Stalin's criminalisation of homosexulaity was a counter
>revolutionary act.
>Olaechea & others who refuse to condemn this act are also anti-gay and thus
>counter revolutionary.
>In anticipation of the chairman's silence I score this
>            Gary 1 Olechea 0.
>school of media & journalism
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The change of the cuban attitude to homosexuality and homophobia is
instructive and perhaps the PCP could learn from it. Without entering into
the debate as to how to charecterise Cuba here, there is a very positive
development by the castro and the cuban communist party.
In the 1960's homosexuals were put in labour camps. Homosexuality,
consistent with the stalinist view was considered a bourgeois deviancy.
Havana prior to the revolution had been the "playground"and a brothel for
rich U.S. tycoons in which homosexual behaviour featured strongly. Castro
wanted to clean up corruption and in the process stigmatised homosexuality
and prostitution as associated with Yankee imperialism.
In the late sixties gays were no longer placed in hard labour camps,
however in 1971 Castro declared that homosexuality was a social pathology
to be cured. In the 1980's with the onset of HIV/AIDS gay men with HIV were
segrgated and locked up in barracks with minimal amenities and prison like
conditions. Heterosexuals with HIV/AIDS wrere not subjected to the same
By 1994 the position of the Cuban Government changed dramatically,
primarily due to the work of the cuban womens movement and Castro went on
record as condemning homophobia as a remnant of medievalism. In the may day
parade 1995 two radical lesbian and gay contingents joined cuban
homosexuals in the parade through the streets of Havana. People with
HIV/AIDS are no longer segregated or locked into prison like conditions.

Ken Howard

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