Gays and the counter revolution in Adolfo thought

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Fri Apr 5 21:21:10 MST 1996

> >Chairman Adolfo has ducked. He has refused to answer, Phillip, Ken or Robert
> >in this field.  Why will he not outline and defend his party's postion on
> >gay liberation?
> >
> >Amid the crowing over his "great victory" on this list,  Olaechea prolaimed
> >the blooming of a thousand flowers.  As long as they're not "pansies", it
> >seems.  The masses wouldn't like that. In his refusal to debate the question
> >of the emancipation of gays, Olaechea betrays that there  is little
> >difference in his stance from that of Clinton's "Don't Ask: Don't Tell"
> >policy on gays in the military.
> >
> >I dare to say that this is also a subject  on which Fujimori and Olaechea
> >have identical views.   They probably both wish the whole topic would go
> >away.  But it won't.  Gays will get their  freedom and it will come from
> >their  own activity.  It will not be a gift from anyone, not even the
> >"masses".  But Adolfo as befits an aristocrat is a bit slow to understand
> >the notion of self emancipation.
> >
> >Let us make some specific charges now.  Olaechea's and Godena's great God,
> >Stalin, criminalised homosexuality in Russia in 1934.  This is an historical
> >fact.  It also has to be understood as I argued in my post on Dimitrov, that
> >a counter revolution was under way in Russia.  Gays were attacked and women
> >were also dragged back into the role of the mother and wife.  Thus in 1936
> >abortion was also criminalised.  This all  links up to the Popular Front
> >strategy and the desperate desire of Stalin to suck  up to elements of the
> >bourgeoisie.  It also  marked  the end of Bolshevik support for the German
> >Gay Rights movement led by Magnus Hirschfeld.  Homosexuals were labelled as
> >"fascists" and rounded up.(See the archives for all the references: Dimitrov
> >and fighting Fascism)
> >
> >We should also note in passing that the use of the epithet "fascist" to
> >caricature one's opponent has a long and ignoble pedigree in Stalinism.
> >
> >
> >So to conclude. Stalin's criminalisation of homosexulaity was a counter
> >revolutionary act.
> >
> >Olaechea & others who refuse to condemn this act are also anti-gay and thus
> >counter revolutionary.
> >
> >
> >Gary
> >
> KenHoward:
> The change of the cuban attitude to homosexuality and homophobia is
> instructive and perhaps the PCP could learn from it. Without entering into
> the debate as to how to charecterise Cuba here, there is a very positive
> development by the castro and the cuban communist party.
> In the 1960's homosexuals were put in labour camps. Homosexuality,
> consistent with the stalinist view was considered a bourgeois deviancy.
> Havana prior to the revolution had been the "playground"and a brothel for
> rich U.S. tycoons in which homosexual behaviour featured strongly. Castro
> wanted to clean up corruption and in the process stigmatised homosexuality
> and prostitution as associated with Yankee imperialism.
> In the late sixties gays were no longer placed in hard labour camps,
> however in 1971 Castro declared that homosexuality was a social pathology
> to be cured. In the 1980's with the onset of HIV/AIDS gay men with HIV were
> segrgated and locked up in barracks with minimal amenities and prison like
> conditions. Heterosexuals with HIV/AIDS wrere not subjected to the same
> conditions.
> By 1994 the position of the Cuban Government changed dramatically,
> primarily due to the work of the cuban womens movement and Castro went on
> record as condemning homophobia as a remnant of medievalism. In the may day
> parade 1995 two radical lesbian and gay contingents joined cuban
> homosexuals in the parade through the streets of Havana. People with
> HIV/AIDS are no longer segregated or locked into prison like conditions.
> Ken Howard
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