Red Spain - and India

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Sat Apr 6 02:25:36 MST 1996

Rahul pontificates on m2:

>If you have to go to a 19th-century source, I'd rather read R.C. Dutt on
>India than Marx. Some of what Marx said, e.g. the significance of the
>railroad was right on, some, e.g. the nature of traditional village
>society, was totally off.

Don't just hand down judgements, substantiate them!

>Dutt gives an excellent view of the effects of colonialism from the side of
>the colonized, although much of his analysis is dated.

In what respects?

>Instead of calling me stupid names, Hugh, why don't you do some thinking
>based on this putative knowledge you have? Then maybe you can stop with
>your moronic "all revolution, all the time" DJ spiel.

Can you substantiate the 'all revolution, all the time' charge? You know,
like make it stick?

What's your opinion of Datta's book? We could maybe discuss it.



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