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Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sat Apr 6 02:40:24 MST 1996

Justin S was kind enough to inform me that there's no problem with respect
to the First Amendment:

>In First Amendment terms, this is a Time, Place, and Manner regulation,
>content neutral, quite innocent. We'd fight for them if someone wanted to ban
>their views from the net. That doesn't mean we have to listen to them.

Fair enough. We're in cyber-America and when in cyber-America, do as the
cyber-Americans do.

However, what I really wanted an opinion on was the question of the right
to a defence, to due explicit warning before sanctions are implemented and
so on. You know, to avoid kangaroo courts, summary procedures and the
things everybody was so het up about in another place at another time. The
old categorical imperative, sauce for the goose and sauce for the gander,
fair dos and all that - basically, how universally democratic are the
principles of bourgeois democracy?




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