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Sat Apr 6 02:44:15 MST 1996

Dear lists,

I might be wrong, but sometimes one should draw back and think about what
has been said, and try to draw some honest conclusions about what this list
means to me in terms of reality, of both everyday life in society in
general, but as a member of the working class.

The discussions on M1or for that matter the newsgroups at least for me are
quite a mixed bag of tricks. Their appear to be a number of trends on the
list, which have there historical roots in the workers movement. For example
the defenders of Stalin and Mao, the defenders of Trotsky, and naturally
everyone claiming to stand on Marx and Leninist grounds.(an exception
perhaps are the anarchists who hate Lenin) I find this interesting that many
appear to claim to be the true defenders and or continuation of the thoughts
and actions of the founding fathers of Communism. Unfortunately i have not
seen to many who weigh in the great contributions of the Spartakist
organisation of Germany or communist militants like malecki and kalecki
(polish communists), and many others who fought for a communist future.It
appears that our marxist intellectualls also have there gods!

As a worker i honestly have to say to you all, nobody gets a free ticket
>from me because the only thing you people are doing is quoting other people
who really did something. The reason the mullahs have a following in Iran is
not only the fundamentalists line of religion, but the fact that they
represented doers in everyday life. Just as the PCP has doers in everyday
life, which Aldolfo keeps pointing out to us abeit he appears mainly to be
sending ton vis of quotes over the lines. This weighs far less to me then
those people actually doing the fighting and dying in Peru. And the great
leader being imprisoned and a big fucking hero, does not impress people who
are trying to get enough food to eat for the day. Nor in fact does any of
the other tendencies who are quoting other great leaders solve these questions.

 My approach to Aldolfo,s and the PCP,s politics has been partially purely
selfish! I have been saying to myself; What can PCP,s politics do for me? (!)

And naturally as one of the millions of presently unemployed, organised
trade union member in Europe the answer i came up with is nothing. I posed
this question to the PCP supporters and the only thing i got was more pages
of quotes and descriptions of the great peasant battles being fought in Peru
as being the way forward. Now i know i am a stupid worker, but what does
this have to do with me.My sympathies are not for Aldolfos ravings but the
people on the ground who are doing the fighting and the dying!

The maoists here in Sweden who were very big at one time (mostly students
and intellectuals) ran around for years with cans collecting money for
Vietnam. There line was the same then that Aldolfo,s is now. My interest in
Vietnam was far different because it was working class kids like myself who
were sent off to die. Naturally i wanted to defend the working class
(including myself) but it never came to mind that by standing on a corner
saying "support Vietnam" and collecting money would help me and my friends.
That is probably one of the reasons i am still around and our maoists
friends went on to being careerists in bougeois society and as a political
trend hardly exist today in Sweden. I mean it was nice to ware Mao buttons
and all that but real life in the middle and upper class is alot better.

Nor does the PCP line give me any concrete things that says that their way
will lead to my liberation. Sorry, i will defend the Peruvian peasants from
the bourgeoisie and imperialism, but i will not support a bunch of people
who constantly are saying that the workers in the advanced imperialist
countries are bought off at best! And Aldolfo goes even futher and accuses
me personally of being and assassin for the American military. The working
class kids and poor who went to Vietnam did not go their to kill Vietnamese.
Many joined up because they had a choice of poverty and jail or the
military. I wonder what the army in Peru is like perhaps aldolfo thinks that
the Peruvian military is just a bunch of shiny boot fascist types that go
out and kill the peasants. My guess is that the shiny boot types don,t ever
even get near the bullets. But in Aldolfo,s world classes do not exist, nor
any contradictions. Thus the Bolsheviks never had a line on the the army.

 Another trend on the M1 is or was the what i termed the "ivory tower" which
most of the time has been whining about starting a new list or putting a gag
on the M1 list.This trend also includes those who are discussing marxism as
some sort of thesis one would have to have in order to get a doctors degree.
It reminds me of discussing therories like Velekovsky and his worlds in
collision. Although i will defend their right I think that Lenin called
people like this "petty bourgeios" who are drawn to marxist circles till the
bullets start flying or something like that.

Another trend has also made its voice heard and that in connection with "sex
preferences" and the M1 list. I will get to these people futher on.

And naturally their appear to be a number of maniacs who appear and curse
the various trends above i thing the political word is "hack" or sympathizer
with one or more of the above trends.My advice to these people is instead of
acting like parrots with a profanity profile to these various great leaders
at present on the list. Start asking yourself what would i do in this
situation as a worker...

 There also appears to be some mystics who act like some "budda"  or
"Stalin" will soon reappear and solve all our problems. However i am willing
to defend their rights hear and we will see which side of the barricades you
wind up on.

Another trend which appears to be out here in cyber space is feminism ( ie
those who place the war between men and women before class struggle) however
given the predominance of men in the computer world at present this trend
appears to be living a rather withdrawn and "wait and see" attitude to
reality in cyberspace. One of the real things lacking in cyberspace is not
only women, but workers and poor people in general. And i think that this
has a profound affect on the quality of the discussions, but also leads to
these age old fights between the various trends on the list.

The "trotskyists" on the list. Here also i have been selfish. Although i
certainly have some sympathies with those proclaiming to be the followers of
Trotsky. But here also we have a lot of people who claim to stand on the
side of the working class and are the direct continuation of a "Leninist"
and "Trotskyist" line and in real life are prepared to capitulate and or
incoporate just about every other trend into their world outlook. With
perhaps the exception of "stalinism" in word, there are many who call
themselves trotskyist who are "stalinists" in deed. Albeit they are not off
chasing the Peruvian peasants like aldolfo is. They are chasing the left
wing of the social democracy in the trade unions, they are courting the
feminists and their ideology, they are practicing "menshevik" ideas of a
minimum program. They were tailing just about every "gurreilla warfare"
trend that existed during the 60ties and 70ties. Today they are competing
with the Eurocommunists in liquidating the neccessity of the dictatorship of
the proletariat. They are probably going to make another turn towards unity
of all the left against capitalism and imperialism instead of a
revolutionary united front. In fact the only people i have met who have at
least been consequent to trotsky, his program and ideas are the Sparts. They
have at least held true to a line. But not even they are getting a free
ticket from me any longer because of all the historical betrayals! Only on
the barricades, in the unions, and on the streets, should any worker take a
position. In fact it will be the only way things will be decided.

And it is not Marx, Lenin or Trotsky ( in fact not even Stalin although he
had the KGB and army on his side after the purges nor Mao who is dead and
also had a line after seizing power of building socialism in one country
which led to a whole lot of potential revolutionary situations being drowned
in blood) who are responsible for any present defeats. It is in fact those
who are alive today who claim the mantle who are responsible. One of the
latest examples of insanity being the North Korean
leaderships incredible policies of suicide! It would be of great interests
to hear our "marxists" on this list tell us the pros and cons of the events
on the Korean peninsula. How to we workers approach this question aldolfo?
By supporting the Peruvian revolution? Or are the "trots" on this list going
to blame it on "stalinism" and the North korean way to socialism in one
country?Marxism, leninism, trotskyism or maoism is a guide to action. Now
tell us what it is we workers are surpose to beleive and act on.Naturally my
basic position on this is "Hands off North Korea" and reunification of north
and south through workers revolution. Plus a socialist federation of workers
states in Asia under the dictatorship of the Proletariat. Because as a
stupid worker who has tried to get through both Lenin and Marx and Trotsky,
not so much Mao because he only talks about peasants like Aldolfo, and think
that if they were alive that is what they would be saying and doing.. Not
sitting around telling me to believe that this is not what they meant at all
like most of the intellectual creeps on this list have been doing..

Our defenders of the "gays" at least i understand. They will not accept a
party which incroaches on there sexual fancies. They are correct! Nobody has
that right. But the danger here like the feminists is that when the bullets
start to fly, you will draw a sex line instead of a class line. My beleive
that real freedom can only come by overthrowing this society based on
classes with a new society. One of our duties among many others is naturally
sex education and freedom for consenting adults to do in private with their
bodies what they will. But conditions for this can only be that the working
class with a communist leadership sieze power and show the way forward.

The feminists on the list also put the sexline before the class line.
However that will not give women freedom. Only a communist leadership can do

I will end up here with the discussion and creation of M2. The reasons for
the creation of M2 if one were to look back in the digest were what i call
the "ivory tower" who felt that M1 was being invaded by aliens. Aleins in
the sense that they no longer could carry on as usual. So they started a
discussion firsdt based on bureaucratic exclusion and later on a new
"private" list for the trend. This discussion continues mainly by the ivory
towers attempts to write new rules for M2 and Hugh,s defense of a democratic
discussion. This discussion which started against Aldolfo and the PCP now
has turned towards and against Hugh. Obviouly this list, and the reason why
it was created, not that it was created, should be roundly condemned. Hugh
should be given a rose because he has defende the interests of both me
personally but everyone elses rights to discuss "marxism".

Naturally i should say here that for selfish reasons i hope the future
debate is linked to the question of "What is to be done!". For me meaning,
What should i as a worker in Europe do to move the struggle forward both
here and internationally for a dictatorship of the proletariat. I really
beleive the things marx and Lenin and Trotsky were thinking and doing great,
but all off these petty bourgeois interpatations without a line of action
for me personally are just ridiculous...

Warm Regards

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