request for tapes of "Internationale"

Rubyg580 at Rubyg580 at
Sat Apr 6 06:58:21 MST 1996

I'm collecting tapes of the "Internatinale" in various languages.  I already
have good recordings in : Russian, Farsi, Bengali and Turkish.  I need
especially: French (the
original!), Chinese, Arabic, Swahili, Spanish (I understand there's a
recording from
inside Fronton prison in Peru), Quechua, and English (the traditional version
and Billy Bragg's version).  ANY other language as well.

I will do my best to send the compiled tape to anyone who sends me a useable
recording along with their postal address.
Send tapes to:  Ruby Graphics
                       attn: Gina
                       P.O.Box 1303
                       Royal Oak, MI 48068

Thanks!  Gina/ Detroit

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