PKI actions in Java

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Sat Apr 6 09:35:13 MST 1996

>Kessler News Service carried (4/04/96) carried an item about a sabotage
>carried out against Royal Dutch Shell in Java.  It attributed this to
>elements of the "reconstituted PKI."  Anyone know anything about this?
>                                         Louis Godena

Hello Louis:

I have no information on that.  However is not surprising that Communists
Parties are now starting to reconstitute themselves for "picking up their
fallen comrades, burying their dead, and continuing the struggle".

There is of course a blockade on real information about the true state of
the world.  The people's War in Peru was mostly disregarded - despite its
enormous strenght - until the end of the 80s as merely an "uprising of Inca
peasant ideologists with a "millenarist" view of the world, frantic
terrorists and enemies of Western civilization".  Hence we can see who is
served by the "Pol-pot" theories floated in this very list.  Imperialism
wants ignorance even among the advanced intellectuals, to prevail.

Yes. It would be good to hear some more from Indonesia in the future.  That
is why a World Conference in Support of the Peruvian Revolution will mean so
very much in the realm of exchange of ideas and experiences too.



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