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Ken Howard kenhow at
Sat Apr 6 10:13:44 MST 1996

>>Justin S was kind enough to inform me that there's no problem with respect
>>to the First Amendment:
>>>In First Amendment terms, this is a Time, Place, and Manner regulation,
>>>content neutral, quite innocent. We'd fight for them if someone wanted to ban
>>>their views from the net. That doesn't mean we have to listen to them.
>>Fair enough. We're in cyber-America and when in cyber-America, do as the
>>cyber-Americans do.
>>However, what I really wanted an opinion on was the question of the right
>>to a defence, to due explicit warning before sanctions are implemented and
>>so on. You know, to avoid kangaroo courts, summary procedures and the
>>things everybody was so het up about in another place at another time. The
>>old categorical imperative, sauce for the goose and sauce for the gander,
>>fair dos and all that - basically, how universally democratic are the
>>principles of bourgeois democracy?
>Ah, but you see Hugh, in Peru, the PCP does not operate "kangarro courts",
>it operates people's justice, People's Courts.  Here, a small number of
>people, no more than 1% (30 out of 341) took it upon themselves to speak for
>the people and demand censorship of ideas in order to protect their own.
>Even those 30 were not that united, as it was proven in the end.  That rump
>- or tail if you want - wanted to impose counter-revolutionary censorship
>against a number of people without given them a hearing, a chance to explain
>properly their ideas to the whole body of the list.  It was more than a
>kangaroo court, it was more something like the Holy Inquisition.
>In Peru it is the masses that petition justice, all opinions are sought,
>debated and decisions arrived at democratically. Moreover, the masses never
>petition justice against people that they do not know from their own
>experience.  They petition justice against people they know all too well:
>oppressive land owners, oppressive government authorities of the old state,
>torturers, snitches, scabs, corrupt elements, thiefs, and everymanner of
>anti-social elements who they encounter in their own experience.
>That is why the kangaroo court in this list failed, and why People's Justice
>in Peru is allowing the long downtrodden, exploited, oppressed and despised
>masses to raise their heads and become the actors in their own social
>I hope you see the difference.
>Adolfo Olaechea
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Spoken like the grand signeur Adolpho.

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