Follow-up to Hans

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Apr 6 13:16:34 MST 1996


And I have one more thing to say, Hans. Adolfo, like myself, is a rather
high-strung individual. In the past, when I went off the deep end, other
people never hesitated to send me mail privately or posted to the list
publicly stating that I was losing it. Nobody ever patronized me the way you
patronized him. When Adolfo was at the top of his fulminations, it was not
necessary to say to the list, "What Adolfo really means is..." or "The
cruelties of capitalism can explain his anger." He does not need a public
relations flak and even if you stepped forward to do that job, you'd be
shitty at it.

Now, if this opens up a can of worms, I don't give a flying fuck. I
intended to concentrate on the political economy of beef eating, but I am
not going to let somebody say that I have been "terrorized" into joining
a PCP support group, goddamnit.

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