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Sat Apr 6 19:25:52 MST 1996

Maurice Strong the chairman (or is he gone now) of Ontario Hydro comes from the
private sector. He was president of the Power Corp a giant holding company.
Obviously he carries over into Ontario Hydro the same frame of reference
as in Power Corp. He is wheeling and dealing in investments rather than
worrying about using the public utility to serve public policy. No doubt
the crazy group that keeps posting from Sweden about the marvels of pro-growth
nuclear power, would find Ontario Hydro a gem. Ontario hydro has several
nuclear power generating stations. Even Strong recognizes them as white
elephants. Herschel Hardin in THE PRIVATIZATION PUTSCH points out the present
presidents of crown or publicly owned corporations usually have the same
attitudes as managers in private corporations--indeed usually come from that
sector. Many of them such as the president of Petro Canada welcomed
privatization. In earlier periods Hardin claims that managers of some
Canadian public corporations were proud that of the different role that
public corporations played and in many cases were great innnovators.
Maurice Strong is known as an environmentalist among the
establishment and was a key organizer of the Rio conference. Seems to me
that he was appointed to Ontario Hydro by the NDP govt. to help straighten
it out!
  Cheers, Ken Hanly

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