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Ken wrote;

You fuckin beaty Malecki,at last some sense on this last.. Its not about a
nice academic discusssion but about the fuckin reality of life and and how
we can change it.I'd like to talk more about gays but another time as I
think you take a simplistic view. However, as a working class person trying
to grapple with the shit  and survive I reckon that you are a breath of the
proverbial  fresh air. Fuck all the bullshit this is about that I am sick
of being told how to liberate myself by the academics with their nice turn
of phrase and rational explanations, the fact is that we as the working
class are headed down the gurgler. Can we do something about it. You bet
ya, but only if we start talking about reality and not this cyberbulllshit
I follow with interest and a great deal of agreement youre posts to this
list Maybe it can start to discuss real working class politics instead of
esoteric crap, I'm certainly willing to give it a go. But I no longer
consider that endless dsiscussion of the PCP is of benefit. I do wantm to
discduyss child care and them dismantaling of measures of social protection
and the strategys and tactics we have to protect it and the political
framework available and desirable to do it.As for the discussion on
stalinism versus trotskyism in the end it does'nt mean diddly shit in terms
of what happens next. Lets talk about the realities of class strugggle
today in the hope that it is meaningfull to real life existence and not
just an esoteric combat of middle class wits.,
Ken howard

Dear Ken

The only way to combat the PCP is by taking up discussions about "what is to
be done" today. However i have nothing against Aldolfo or our "historical
experts" on the classics. However what is lacking is a guide action. I sent
in an article awhile back i think called "Let,s start a meat riot". This was
not a fucking joke, but a serious attempt to point out that a lot of people
can,t even afford to eat meat and stuff like that. Sort of concrete reality
and a guide to action. It disappeared and now i find some of the people
discussing "holy cows" and "peasant economy". OK but my point to these
people is what are we going to do about the millions of people who can,t
afford meat, who are unemployed, who beat their kids because of this shit
and so on.

The meat debate could have developed into alot of things. Like the women,s
question and meat and raising kids on one salary or violence in the family
because there is no meat on the table, or a third world debate like no meat,
breastfeeding vs canned milk and so on infinitum. What we got here was some
sort of wierd stuff that any working class people or even peasant for that
matter would hardly understand.
In fact a docuement should have been worked out on where communist stand on
the meat question as a guide to action. Not a guide into serving one another
witty little intellectual changes and where we can find a book about cattle
breeding in Brazil. At best one should point out simply that farming at
least in the industrial world is a capitalist and imperialist just like
anything else.

Perhaps you and i could start a thread on chicken fuckers or sex with cows
in protest to the intellectual creeps on this list. However that would be
just the opposite side of their page...

So instead i will write something here about the working class and food. I
worked for quite a number of years in fact selling meat, behind a counter in
a very large chain store here. What was interesting about this is that
workers in many ways do not look at quality of the food, but price and
quantiy. It is the age old survival and of making ends meet. Here in Sweden
it is not beef that workers eat it is Pork and hotdogs and saugages and
meatballs at best. I wonder often if it is taste or price that decides this
question and usually come up with these answer that it is quantity and price
instead of quality and taste that is the rule. Women tend to think more
about a healthy diet (especially because of the children) then men. The last
i beleive to be a sound reaction and communists should take up this
question. Good  cheap meat for the working class and there family is a vital
question. And the food industry should be owned and controlled by the
workers collectvely. It also has to do with both physical and mental
process. Workers also understand the class question around this question.
They know that the oxfile is something that the rich buy. Communist should
be saying that as long as their are rich and poor there won,t be any oxfile
for the poor. We should be saying that only by taking it from the haves and
deviding up equally for the have nots is the way forward. It is either them
or us. If you don,t win you lose. I mean the workers can see this stuff with
there own eyes the point is that they need a leadership which tells them
well lets go take it all! etc and so on.

Or the question of childcare. The rich have private schools, private
nursuries, and all the rest. We say that we want are kids to have nursies
and schools while we are at work and if we take power we will do
that.Because as communist we know that the rich are not interested in the
welfare of working class and poor children and when we take power we want
all kids to have the right to collective child. Because the rich are not
gonna give us anything, it is only by taking from them and organising it
ourselves that we can get these goals.

Or the question of sex education. Sex is good. sex is fun. sex should be for
everyone. Here in Sweden sex education begins in the fourth grade. And
communist would fight for everybodys right to sex education with out any
rightousness in the way consenting adults want to do it. It naturally should
take up the dangers of desease and things like that. But also the historic
weapon that this issue has had on controling people and there lives.
Communist fight for freedom in all areas of live. But we also point out here
as in other areas that it is only by educating ourselves and taking power
that we can win and build a new society.

Another thing that has been bothering me is that numerous people on this
list have been saying lately "What do we have to lose". This in context of
building communist organisations. Well obviouly these intellectual creeps
have someting to lose because in practice they are always capitulating to
one reformist trend or another.I have given numerous examples in my Grafitti
articles about the "left" here in Sweden.

Somebody said once "We have nothing to lose but our chains" well their are a
lot of intellectualls on the left who are trying to chain me into beleiving
that talking about the dictatorship of the proletariat and a workers
government is empty sloganeering! Well, it is you and your mininum programs
that are putting chains on the working class! They think and rightly why
should i support you or jump on your bandwagon only later to be betrayed by
the very same people who are not prepared to go all the way. I think that
much of this centrist garbage has to do with partially intellectuall
political cowardness but also the long domination of Stalinist and Social
Democratic domination of the workers movement. Well that period is done for
at present so how about some of your people start talking about a revolution
here at home! Or is it just the Sparts who have the balls to do this. I am
allso sick and tired of people calling these people and ultra left Trot sect
at best.As far as i know they are the only people who appear not to
capitulate on the transitional program in their work...

Even the PCP people are political cowards. You talk about Peru and have
nothing to say to us workers about making a revolution in our own countries.
So if you can,t do this just jump on a plane to peru or something, where you
think the real action is.I will give you critical support up and till you
betray the Peruvian and International workers movement and with Aldolfo,s
ideas that betrayal is not to far in the distance if he comes to power.

I want to see a discussion here about creating fighting communist
organisations in everycountry in the fucking world fighting for the
dictatorship of the proletariat translated into their own national
conditions. If you intellectuals have anything to say about this well start
right now and stop talking like a bunch of book worms who have never done
nothing but quote classics eat and fart in front of your fucking
computers.There is no way in the world you can convince me of communist
revolution with the most of the crap that has published on this list.

I say this not to be nasty. It is just my interpentation of what Marx,
Lenin, and Trotsky were talking about. I get the feeling sometime that the
discussions here remind me of walking into a museum some place where an
exihibtion of some famous artists are being shown. The talk these people are
discussing is like a group of nuts with there rich bourgeois noses so far up
their asses on "the historic and glorious brush strokes of a true master"
that it wants to make me puke.

I am willing to meet you in serious discussions about communism and today
and How we should do it and wfen we should do and why we should do it. But
if it is just a rehash of old crap which you people appear to quote by heart
without it being a guide to action, it is absolutely worthless...

Finally all this crap about waiting a week and reading the files. Well the
workers have been waiting a preety fucking long time for a communist
leadership to once again take the reins. So to all the workers on the list i
suggest that anybody presenting such stupid stuff like waiting a week or in
fact one fucking second for participating in this discussion, tell them to
go fuck themselves!.

Warm Regards

PS: Ken, going away for a couple of days with my ten year old. See you later..

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