Unions vs. workers struggles

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Sun Apr 7 07:41:05 MDT 1996

After reading the analysis of Neil 74742.1651 at compuserve.com, I have confess
I have had a change of heart.

Neil is right.

So I have joined with Neil 74742.1651 at compuserve.com to form True Marxism --
A Neil Tendency. We welcome you to join us. Neil-ectics (TM) teaches that
the only way to liberate the working class is first to smash the unions!
Completely atomize those fuckers!


That is only Step One of our "April 96 Theses."

We stayed up all last night, working our way through several pots of coffee,
to produce this epoch-defining document. We present it here is a handy
clip-n-save list of our 12 Steps to Liberation. Print it out and stick it on
your fridge. These are our basic tenets to creating a truly revolutionary
western working class! These have all been thoroughly worked out thru our
method of Neil-ectics (TM)!

(BONUS FEATURE!: A handy slogan ready-for-spray-painting-on-walls is
appended to each step, to make your revolutionary-inciting a more
pleasurable experience!!)

----- snip here -----

    1. Smash the unions! As the primary counterveiling economic tendency
against the total immiseration of the working class, combinations breed a
false sense of "quality of life" and "community." ("Smash the unions!")

    2. Take birth control pills away from women! They are a bourgeois plot
to make women think they are independent _before they really are_! ("The
Pill is Slavery!")

    3. [Removed from publication by order of the Neil Revolutionary Council]

    4. Smash the sanitation system! It confuses the working class, making
them think they have progress! Nothing that living a couple of years in
backed up raw sewage won't fix. ("The sanitation system is a bourgeois plot!")

    5. Eliminate public transit! Mobility is a tool of the bourgeois to move
workers around like their play things! ("Liberate yourself! Stay within a
five mile radius your entire life!")

    6. Down with the education system! Brainwashing, pure and simple!
("Literacy is the tool of the capitalist mind controllers!")

    7. Revoke the Jewish right to vote! Bruno Bauer was right all along, it
is foolish to try to liberate people in small steps when they are in the
larger picture still enslaved to religions, etc. ("Human emancipation first!
Political emanicipation second! No votes to Jews!")

    8. Smash the unions some more! Someone is _bound_ to try to reinstitute
them, stupid fucking workers. ("Smash the unions some more!")

    9. Smash all medicare! They only want to keep you alive another 20 years
TO USE YOUR LABOR POWER!! ("Death to socialist doctors!")

   10. Smash the United Negro College Fund! ("No one likes a smart bourgeois

   11. Smash flouridation of the drinking water! ("Smash flouridation of the
drinking water!")

   12. Smash your TV set, radio, and computers NOW! This should be the LAST
TRANSMISSION YOU EVER RECEIVE through this bourgeois-dominated system of
control! Go forth, True Marxist (TM) comrades! Conquer! ("Destroy all media
after reading this!")

----- end snippet -----

These are _really really_ progressive measures to ensure the triumph of the
proletariat. In the long run, every one of these planks in our programme
will improve the lives of our children.

Long live the proletariat free!

(See also "Neil-anetics," for your path to a clearer mental focus. Discover
that the working class unionization fraud was actually foisted on Planet
Earth by two alien visitors, Xenu and Xemu, 75 million years ago!)


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