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Sun Apr 7 11:35:44 MDT 1996

I recently recieved this message dated 96-04-05
>You've been taken in.
>On Fri, 5 Apr 1996 Rubyg580 at wrote:
>> In a message dated 96-04-04  Scott writes:
>> > At  the historic Third Party Congress of  the Reorganized
>> >October League  (M-L),  it  was announced  that henceforth,
>> >the Peruvian People's War was  a righteous struggle, despite
>> >the alliance with  Avakianite revisionism.
>Scott McLemee is satire here to poke at the PCP/RCP/Maoist debates. He's
>actually bringing up a long defunct US New Communist organization, and
>pretending it's been reorganized, and then just throwing out a lot of
>gibberish. In reality, the fella's on eof the leading experts on CLR James
>in the country, and probably has very little interest in Maoism, etc.
>I humbly suggest you don't flame him now that you know. He's just playing
>a mad little joke....

All I can say in my red-faced embarrassment is "thanks for the tip." I do
remember the demise of the CPML, the party created by the October
League in the early 80s.  Would an "oops!" be appropriate?

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