Cattle = capital

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Mon Apr 8 00:13:03 MDT 1996

>Jon Flanders:
>  Louis, here's a beef anecdote off tonight's cable tv. We were browsing the
>channels and came accross an Irish program, that among other things featured a
>broadcast of Irish news from the Republic.
>  They showed a mass meeting of farmers in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The
>farmers were demanding that their beef not be considered as coming from the
>United Kingdom!
>  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 07-Apr-1996

There is more to this story. The Irish farming minister has been all over
Europe on the mission of defenging irish meat. He was in Stockholm, Sweden
is a big shopper of irish meat, to insure the major buyers that irish meat
is not british meat. However their were quite devided opinions on this,
although one of the major buyers Konsum
says that it will continue to import irish meat. The consumers, that is
people who can afford meat, appear to be very skeptical of just about any
foreign meat at present. And the Swedish meat industry is pushing very hard
the line of "clean swedish meat" in a "natural invionment".. Also political
commentation on this is that meat prices will rise because of the crises..

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