After the Tempest: M1=306, M2=84

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Mon Apr 8 01:38:51 MDT 1996

7 days after the establishment of marxism2, a spot check on
the stats for subscribers to the routine and the digest functions of
both l'sts shows on Feb 7th

    R     D    Tot
M1 191 + 115 = 306

M2  59 +  25 =  84

Clearly the shake out has occurred. M1 still has greatly the advantage
in terms of numbers of subscribers, who apparently are still not deterred
by flames from searching for diamonds in the ashes. M2 perhaps still has
yet to establish what threads and themes it most wishes to pursue.
Everyone will have their own interests. But some who resigned have
resubscribed on M2.

Even though there must be a lot of duplicates which we do not yet know
how to analyse, it would seem that the result of the new l'st is not a
net reduction in the numbers interested in debating marxism but possibly
even an increase.

We have a binary system here, with a dialectic of interaction, unity and
struggle, even if cross postings are thought to be unconstructive.

Chris B, London


E-mail is IMO very suited to free association and not just in the form
of inventive elaboration of terms of abuse around subscribers names.

Caliban in the Tempest came to mind

                 "When thou camest first,
Thou strok'st me, and made much of me; wouldst give me
Water with berries in't; and teach me how
To name the bigger light, and how the less.."

I guess "M1" and "M2" will just have to do for the time being.

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