Lori Berenson

Matt D. afn02065 at afn.org
Mon Apr 8 10:30:10 MDT 1996

Lori Berenson was convicted of aiding the MRTA.  I think the charges
were terrorism and treason (a bit of a controversy over this, since
she's not a Peruvian citizen), maybe conspiracy, whatever.

Anyway, the US Embassy has intervened on her side, as have
various politicos.  I vaguely remember something about her
sentence being commuted to some number of months, or maybe
she was already released.

Then again, as I type this I also remember something about her
being interviewed in prison and settling down for the long haul
-- no communtation or parole.

So actually, I guess I have no idea what her situation is exactly.

She had no connection to the PCP.


-- Matt D.

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