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Excuse me, I know there's been some heated exchanges on the list
recently, but who ever threatened anyone with bodily harm?  If Mr.
Ehrbar feels he was so threatened, he should quote the post, so we
can see if his fears are justified.

Frankly, to me this seems like another mind game.  The PCP is not
even on this list, just supporters who live in various parts of various
countries.  For Mr. Ehrbar to feel he is being directly threatenend,
not just by participants on the list, but by the PCP itself seems to
be the height of paranoid fantasy. All I can say is, Hans, get a grip!

Chris B

I think for the last two months two things have been muddles up.

1) whether in Peru the PCP may actually execute some people
they regard as traitors. In fact in a suburb as large as Villa
El Salvador, of over 300,000 persons, only one has been executed
it seems in 5 years.

2) the struggle of PCP supporters against revisionism, as
obectively bourgeois, or petty bourgeois ideology in the working
class movement.

The enemies of the PCP have had their own motives for presenting
them as murderous thugs. But on this l'st the fierceness of the
polemic has made it unclear, whether an opponent is regarded as
equivalent to Aczueta or Moyano ideologically.

Whether the abuse is about being shit, or about being a class
traitor it can feel very annihilating. When we want to hurt other
people we know how best to conjure up in them the feeling that
we are dead or should be dead as far as they are concerned.

I personally believe there is a connection between abusive language
and violence, even though it is unlikely on the internet.

The connection is more real in Peru, and the execution of people like Moyano
does allow the State Department to get away with saying that
international observers have "legitimate" reasons to fear physical
retaliation if they investigate and criticise the PCP. Even if the
threats are actually delivered by right wing death squads. I am not
saying that a revolutionary movement should never have the right
to revenge itself on its enemies, but that there are consequences which
need to be weighed up.

Anyway it has taken a while for this l'st to see the the PCP's bark
is worse than its bite, and to agree or disagree with the arguments
of its supporters on their merits.

But I appreciate that when you have taken me to task, Gina, it has been in
terms that my imperialist prejudices are showing, and not that I am
an agent of imperialism. I find it much easier to take the former type of
criticism on its merits, whereas the latter would make me feel annihilated
by you.

Chris B,

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