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Tue Apr 9 04:05:30 MDT 1996

Ken in reply to Robert:
>You fuckin beaty Malecki,at last some sense on this last.. Its not about a
>nice academic discusssion but about the fuckin reality of life and and how
>we can change it.
I think you're - at least partly - wrong: This *is* about academic discussion. On
the list, I mean. The fucking reality is outside.
But it certainly would be a great step forward if more of the discussion would
be about that fucking reality.

>Fuck all the bullshit this is about that I am sick
>of being told how to liberate myself by the academics with their nice turn
>of phrase and rational explanations, the fact is that we as the working
>class are headed down the gurgler. Can we do something about it. You bet
>ya, but only if we start talking about reality and not this cyberbulllshit

I feel with you, but to be honest: If the academics *are* using "rational
explanation" then I think we can learn from them.

My point is: This is not a question of academics vs. workers. This a
political question: *Who* do we learn from? *What* do we learn?
Then let us reject those - academics as well as workers - who do
*not* want to learn.

>As for the discussion on
>stalinism versus trotskyism in the end it does'nt mean diddly shit in terms
>of what happens next. Lets talk about the realities of class strugggle
>today in the hope that it is meaningfull to real life existence and not
>just an esoteric combat of middle class wits.,

I think it does mean a shit: Trotsky we can learn from - Stalin not.
Against the Nazis, just to mention one very concrete example.

True some - also on this list - seem to consider it an esoteric combat of
middle class wits. But I think you are a little to dismissive about theory
and revolutionary tradition. Some of the old folks actually told us
things that we can learn from today - like: "Without a revolutionary theory
- no revolutionary movement."


Jorn Andersen


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