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Mon Apr 8 20:45:21 MDT 1996

Comrade Doug has welcomed me back to what he describes as the "nuthouse."
Bedlam indeed.  It is impossible now  to do any serious work on this list.
It reminds me

Dico che arrivammo ad una landa
che dal suo letto ogni pianta rimove.
La dolorosa selva l'e ghirlanda
Intorno, come 'l fosso tristo ad essa.

D'anime nude vidi, molte gregge,
Che piangean tutte assai miseramente
E parea posta lor diversa legge.

Sovra tutto 'l sabbion d'un cader lento
Piovean di foco dilatate falde,
Come di neve in alpe sanza vento.

Why am I here then? well I have returned mostly out of anger at the vulgar
triumphalism of the Maoists. "Great victory" indeed.  I was determined to
show them that in the words of the great American phimosopher, Yogi Berra,
"It ain't over till it's over."

But I began to get second thoughts about Comrade Proyect taking out some
poor meshuggener from the third world.  Olaechea is simply no match for
Louis Proyect. the latter is a hard man in an argument and takes no
prisioners.  It's not a pretty sight watching him crush Olaechea who may
well be blessed with genereous amounts of bluff, bluster and bombast but
these provide lttle defence against historical fact and analysis.

However all is changed, changed utterly by the revelation of Olaechea's
noble lineage. My mother's people were landless Irish peasants.  the sort
that Olaechea describes as the "oppressed masses". I had for instance an
aunt who went into service in england.  she died of consumption in a poverty
stricken slum during the Great Depression.  My mother still cries when she
talks about her.  I won't bore the list with the details of my own
upbringing.  suffice to say that it left me with an abiding hatred for my
"social betters".

But now we know all.  Close your eyes in hold dread.  we are in the presence
of none other than that exalted personage Don Adolfo Olaechea, Knight of the
Shining Path, come onto this list to lecture us on the oppressed.  The
revolutionary aristo surrounded by the sycophants and backed up by  the
loyal retainer Louis Godena in the role of Henchman to the Oligarchy.

No wonder that Don Adolfo expected us to be grateful and to kiss his ring or

Strike this poseur down, Lou.  smite him hip and thigh.



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