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Tue Apr 9 00:00:25 MDT 1996

>To Rahul:
>     A while ago there was a thread on this list about
>Kerala.  I noticed that you said nothing about it in your
>discussion of leftist movements in India.  Hasn't its state
>government also been run by one of the Indian Communist Parties
>for a long period of time as well as that of West Bengal, and
>with much better results by all accounts?
>Barkley Rosser

Yes. I was just making a few scattered comments, because I figured there
would be many on the list who wouldn't know much about India. What Kerala's
communist governments have achieved is significantly superior to what was
done in West Bengal. Even though it's one of the poorer provinces, in many
quality-of-life indices it looks closer to the 1st world than to the 3rd.
Whatever drama there has been, though, was in West Bengal and Andhra

BTW, the Kerala government was also CPM. The CPM and CPI are, as I said
earlier, the only two communist parties with a mass base.


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