Chris muddles up on annihilation

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Mon Apr 8 23:57:01 MDT 1996

Sorry folks, I cannot get the hang of proof reading for accuracy
and not just overall meaning.

When I wrote to Gina

>> for the last two months two things have been muddles up.<<

presumably the meaning was clear.

But I must correct the argument about annihilation:

>>>When we want to hurt other
people we know how best to conjure up in them the feeling that
we are dead or should be dead as far as they are concerned.<<<

That should of course read
>>conjure up in them the feeling that *they* are dead, or should
be dead, as far as *we* are concerned.<<<

They are worthless, worse than worthless, shit, rotten elements, to
be discarded from the circle of valued men and women. [Even if
not executed for treason.]

Chris B, London.

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