Trotskyism since WWII

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Tue Apr 9 07:01:11 MDT 1996

Just a couple of factual points:  (1) Healy expelled Grant and Cliff.  They
just didn't go their own way.  (2) Posados did not go bonkers in the 1950s.
 He waited to the 1970s for that.

However, clearly the Fourth International has been a failure and it will be
more difficult to put back together than Humpty Dumpty.    Its major
achievement, I believe, was the extent that it kept alive the idea of
internationalism, and the rich experiences some of us had to working with
comrades from many countries.

Actually, I thought there was a good idea on the way forward in Hal Draper's
longish piece recently appearing on this list -- one which he rejected.
 Forming a political center or centers without the encumbrances of
membership, specific doctrine and discipline.

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