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On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, g.maclennan wrote:

> Now within traditional socialist thought gays have been seen as the feared
> other to be hated or laughed at or pitied depnding on the amount of fear
> involved and the strategy adopted to cope with it.  Whatever the case Gays
> were typically thought to be "middle class" and not part of the decent
> working class.
> Within Stalinist thought gays have remained the feared despised Other. they
> were not regarded as part of the "masses". As Ken has pointed out Castro's
> first actions towards gay people were conditioned by this belief. It is good
> that this is changing.

The thoughts expressed above about "Gay Liberation" is similar to the
famous phrase uttered by Marie Antoniette when her guards told her that
the masses were clamouring for bread at the palace gates. Her response:
"Let them eat cake!". In a world where millions of human beings are
suffering from poverty, disease and death, and wars, the bourgeois
intellectual raises this hot-button issue thus putting oppression of
gay people (who mostly belong to the educated class) on the same
footing as that of the poor majority. In many parts of the world, the posing
of this question would  lead to amazement.This blind reductionism
leads to a topsy turvy world where confusion reigns supreme.

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